Friday, August 22, 2008

Manage your e-mails effectively to avoid being PHISHED

PHISHING IS PROVIDING INFORMATION TO A SPOOF WEB SITE. The target of the sender is emails and the goal is to capture the personal information and bank account information and credit card number information.

the definition about PHISHING IS "Sending e-mails to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft".

We receive so many mails which are not connected to us or we have not been asked to send email or we may unnoticingly or out of curiosity accept for sending newsletter to our email address. Sometimes, for that matter many a time, we get bored even to look at the emails which will have no relevance and simply delete the emails recieved.

Once a while, we attract to the sentenses, words and information provided by the email and click the email for further probing what exactly the email content is. We find some important information and further clicks and when we find the matter was interesting we provide the information asked by the site. Here, we get a false information or a duplicate web site of the original leading and reputed site.

We think that the information about our personal or credit card details or bank account number and social security details, etc is given to the legitimate organisation site but, the web site which we are providing the information is bogus, illegal and capture the details given by us from the directions recieved from the bogus web site, just because we have clicked the email information in the email recieved by us.

Observe these elements to avoid Phishing e-mails

a. The address in the From field. This information can be changed from any e-mail client.
b. The logos or images in the recieved email are taken from the web site of the legitimate company.
c. when the phishing email is recieved,the links appearing in the email text, doesn't point out the legitimate company web site URL.

d. Logos that are not an exact match to the company's logo, spelling errors, percentage signs followed by numbers or @ signs within the hyperlink, random names or e-mail addresses in the body of the text, or even e-mail headers which have nothing to do with the company mentioned in the e-mail.

To avoid get phished, first visit the site that you received by email, and ensure with the company whether such email was sent. Also inform the company about the phishing so that the company will take care and consolidate the clientile by further providing assured and secured web site of their company.

This way you can add another feather in your cap by recieving best compliments from the company.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Every child has a father's day in life

In school we hear that it is parent's day. Both parents in the family are invited. The child will show the classroom, introduces the class teacher, the principal and the classmates to the parents. But, no school celebrates father's day. But every child, will celebrate father's day and mother's day. Father's day will be very special. As a child your pocket money will be more on this special day. The respect to the father is something special. Normally, the father is a tiger in the family and mother is just like a cow. Infact, it is true. Mother has a strong bond than anybody in this world.

The love and affection showered by the parents towards their children is unexplainable and unforgettable. Everything and anything can be sacrificed before the parents love. It has got such power. All the children in the family, take the blessings of their parents on these special occasions like father's day and mother's day to gain strength, health and wealth. No word to explain about the parental upbringing.

Both parents in the family may be employed, and may not find much time to spare for their children. The child may be admitted in a crutch, hostel for studies, abroad for higher studies. But the affections and the relationship are continued within the family. The welfare of the children will be taken care by the blessings of the parents in the family. If this practice is continued their grand grand children also will adhere to such practices and traditionally they enjoy the warmthness and joyfulness.

Therefore, father's day is memorable and unforgettable. Every son will be a father, and every father is a son to his father. Thanks to the media helping the world not to forget such rare occasions. Atleast, if the child is having a busy schedule and not able to meet his parents, the child will take this opportunity and celebrates the father's day.

In fact father never expects that the child should come. It is the children who should make available themselves to reach their parents and give hope to parents that the occasion is very grand and memorable.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Crude-Oil and its many uses

Consumers worldwide worried with rising gasoline prices.

The Gas is cheaper at Venezula than water and at the same time the cost of a full tank costs more than a domestic plane ticket in Turkey.

In the year 1859 produced this product "black gold" after successful drill of the first rock.

Crude-oil is one among the versatile products on earth.

Crude-oil comes out of the ground as a honey-colored liquid or a tar-black solid and also as red, green or brown colors.

Crude_oil is refined and get converted into products like petroleum, hydrogen and carbon atoms.

We call it as gasoline or petrol.

In good olden days petroleum was used to polish swords, grease chariots and preserve mummies and also to heal wounds.

kerosene is one more product of this petroleum and also used in asphalt, tar and heavy lubricants.

Another usage of petroleum is converted into diesel and jet fuel, heating oil and gas fuel.

This product is converted into chemicals, the oil and gas become petrochemicals that are used to develop plastic, polyester, rubbers, detergent, and chemical fertilizers and other pesticides.

Petroleum is also used in fragrances and lipstick, in candles and telephones, in pharmaceuticals and insecticides.

Another cap in this jewel is that, it is used to make artificial limbs and soaps.

tips for using ATM card

Before you request for ATM card from your Bank, ensure that your address, what you have mentioned is correct address for your Bank.
You receive the ATM card and along with the atm card you receive a user manual. Read the information in the user manual and also the instructions printed on the Personal Identification Number (P I N) mailer.
Ensure that PIN number is not for any bodys guess. This is very important.
Keep the ATM card in secured place and also keep in mind that ATM card is just like cash. Therefore, take care of ATM card.
Another important thing is to memory. You have to keep in mind that memorising of password is very important.
Compare and verify ATM receipts with your Bank statements and if you find discrepancy if any, immediately report to the bank branch where you have obtained the ATM card.
Make sure that ATM card is not exposed to magnetic field.
when you report a lost card immediately to the branch where you have obtained the ATM card.